Enlightenment: Tips on how to Transcend the Ego

"That which you
suppose you to generally be
is just not truly a point,
but an action.
It's the motion
holding on.
In each moment,
that you are unconsciously
Keeping on to an notion
of who you might be.
And Even though
this concept of who you will be
is continually modifying
moment to moment,
the motion of Keeping
on stays the identical,
giving you the sensation
that there is a 'you'
going in time,
shifting and transforming,
Discovering and rising.
But should you come to be mindful
of this motion of holding on
and in some cases for sexy donji ves this moment
Enable go of this motion of holding,
then you slide into this second
and find out quite clearly,
outside of the intellect
that every donji ves marke little thing is arising
by itself,
without Muski donji ves end new and new
out of the second.
You progress past The reasoning
of this you moving linear in time
and knowledge
conscious radiance,
not as somebody
but as aware radiance alone.
You recognize
your natural condition of peace
exactly where there is not any these kinds of thing
as strain.

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